excel & powerpoint training

For Beginners & Intermediate Learners

excel & powerpoint training

For Beginners & Intermediate Learners


This Excel training will provide learners with a core understanding of how to effectively operate and use the Excel spreadsheet software. Whether you need to acquire the skills for work, want to fill the gaps in your CV or simply fancy learning something new, this training is perfect to do so.

In the PowerPoint session, you will learn how to create powerful visuals that will compliment your training/presentation objective. Learn how to use the software properly, get a grasp over its most important components and tools and the 3 key elements that make up a successful slide presentation; Arrangement, Visual element and Movement.

You will also be introduced to tools for creative contents and learn how to create amazing, beautiful, professional graphic designs and creative contents.

program Overview

EXcel proficiency

  • Introduction (Entering data, shortcuts, sorting data, exploring font styles & effects etc)
  • Creating formulas & functions
  • IF, VLOOKUP & POWER functions
  • Pivot Tables
  • Adjusting Worksheet Views
  • Multiple worksheets & workbooks
  • Data Visualization
  • Printing
  • Securing & Sharing Data
  • Database Features

Powerpoint for presentation

  • Planning a powerful presentation
  • How to generate contents for your presentation
  • Designing your presentation like a Pro
  • Delivering your presentation with Audience impact
  • Giving your presentation extra verve


  • Text & Typography
  • Using shapes & lines
  • Adding icons & illustrations
  • Working with pictures & filters
  • Adjusting color, alignment and transparency
  • Exporting your work
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Duration - Weekends

1 Weekend
Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 1pm – 6pm

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What Our Students say

Testimonial of Temidayo Taiwo-Sidiq, Fest Academy

My training at Fest Academy was focused on acquiring digital skills and everything I wished to be covered was covered fully & effectiviely. It was highly practical, in my preferred learning style and the instructor focused thoroughly on my objectives with a lot of advice to run with.

Temidayo Taiwo-Sidiq

Testimonial of Margaret Osasona, Fest Academy

I registered at Fest Academy for Digital Literacy, to my surprise I was able to catch up fast within a few days. The instructor was knowledgeable, personable and kept the class moving at a brisk pace. Less I forget, there was never a dull moment at Fest Academy. I personally recommend this Academy for anyone who is interested in learning graphics design, business branding, web design and the likes. I love Fest Academy.

Margaret Osasona

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